Christ's Instagram / by James Curran

On the previous thread from yesterday's blog post someone wrote; "our actions and words should convey who we are and what we want people to know about us".

And that got me thinking. Are people miss understanding the brand "James The Mormon"?

If so I'd like to clear the air.

From age 7-14 I was abused practically every day in ways inappropriate to share by a parental figure who was an "active member", a return missionary, and held a temple recommend . I grew up with a sour taste of the LDS church in my mouth. I grew up associating the church with rules that made zero sense to me and the feeling of being trapped. 

As I became an adult I embraced my freedom and explored the world. I broke the Word of Wisdom, I broke the Law of Chastity, I had zero regard for the commandments or the teachings of the church. 

Through nothing short of Heavenly Father's love, empathetic people were put in my life and did two things. 1) They loved me for who and where I was, and 2) they shared their testimony of their experience with trials and beauty of the Atonement. It was only this approach that allowed my heart to soften and be receptive to the spirit. Eventually leading me to my own testimony and desire to use the atonement, change, and eventually go on a mission. 

On my mission my passion of the restored gospel grew as much as my heart and soul would let it, and as I used the same loving and empathetic method that was effective in my personal conversion, I was blessed to see many people start their own journey towards the atonement and the blessings the fullness of the gospel give.

When I got home I dedicated my life to being empathetic; loving people for who and where they are, and sharing my testimony of the atonement.

Luke 15:4 What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?

Now back to the comment. "our actions and words should convey who we are and what we want people to know about us"

I want my actions and words to be very clear; I am imperfect and I associate with and love imperfect people. I sin. I fall, But I get up and the Atonement of Christ is there for me every time I do. Christ was the perfect example. Christ's "instragram" (The Bible) shows me that he spent all his time with Sinners, Harlots, Adulterers, Murders, and Thiefs. If someone were to put His life into pictures I wonder what he would post and what kind of people would be in His pictures?