1st Utah Hip Hop Artist to hit #1 on iTunes / by James Curran

On April 26th, 2016 hip hop artist Jamesthemormon did the unheard of. 

He was the first artist from Utah to break into the top 100 rap albums landing at #30. Over the next day he moved up the charts until April 28th until he was actually was the #1 rap album for the entire day. Not only was that the case but he was the #7 album in the world. He also had his previous album "PMG" in the top 50 at #47. He actually had 2 albums in the top 50 for hip hop and rap! The only reason he isn't still at the top is because Drake dropped his album the next day. 


LDS rapper Jamesthemormon dropped "Im not a rapper" on April 17th, but don't get it confused, this album has nothing to do with anything religious. James just believes in representing who he is, and that happens to be Mormon. He released this album with the single / video "Motivation" and between Facebook and YouTube he has over 1 million views in just a a week of posting. 

Watch "Motivation" click here - https://goo.gl/l3Ahr5

Read one of the the news articles -  https://goo.gl/BHaqec

Watch the NBC News Spot - https://goo.gl/tAfa6x

James has officially become Utah's rapper with the entire state and Mormon religion's support. All sorts of Mormon Celebrities are showing their love. Just a couple of the 1,000's who have posted about this phenomenon and the album "I'm Not a Rapper" are Jeremy Guthrie, the starting pitcher for the Royals, and the band Common kings.