Anything is possible / by James Curran

When I was a missionary in Everett, Washington; I was able to serve in a few leadership roles. In one particular area my companion and I invited our zone to make a goal to find at least 1 prepared person a day. A prepared person was defined as someone who...

  1. Allowed the missionaries to share their testimony
  2. Agreed to read and pray about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon
  3. Scheduled an appointment to meet at a later time

As leaders, a lot of our time was spent doing administrative tasks, and somedays that left us with almost no time to do missionary work. Even still, we did everything we could to lead by example and find at least one person the Lord had prepared for us to teach in our area. 

One day because of conferences and other responsibilities we found ourselves returning home to our apartment at 9:15 pm without finding a "prepared person". Missionaries have a curfew of 9:00 pm unless they are teaching a lesson, at-which then the curfew is extended to 9:30 pm. We pulled up to our house, and as I started walking towards our front door. my companion Elder Tippets stopped me and with a cringed face, he begrudgingly said... "Should we go try and find our prepared person?" I stopped and had to think about that, because as I looked at our phone it turned to 9:16 pm and the idea of finding someone to teach this late logically was impossible. We had no plan, not to mention we lived 7 min outside of our area. 

"Lets pray about it! I responded" (super cliche)

When the prayer was finished, we both just looked at each other and got right into the car. 

I immediately told my companion the smartest move would be to go to apartment complex Covington Farms for two reasons. One it was the closest and two that was where 90% of our investigators were, so at the very least we could stop in on one of them if all else failed. Tippets offered a couple other options, but my logical mind was sold that it would be ludicrous to go anywhere else. We couldn't get on the same page, so we did the cliche Mormon Missionary thing, and prayed about it. 

This experience will always be very interesting to me, because I was so sure, and so sold on one thing, but when I turned to the man upstairs, "Mr. Omnipotent" in prayer nothing could be clearer, we were to do something else; head to a complex called Colby Creek.

When we pulled up it was 9:27pm 3 min until we were supposed to be back home but we continued to follow the prompting to find that prepared person. We knocked on doors.. (people were super mad about that at 9:30 at night) & we talked to every person we could see outside until 9:45pm. Nothing. Nobody even was willing to talk, let alone commit to read the Book of Mormon. Realizing the time, I told Tippets we needed to head back. With a face of defeat he nodded and we started heading back to our car, until he said.. "Lets just check one more place, and then well go; just 2 more minutes". I shrugged my shoulders and followed him to the most southern end of the complex where we found ourself in a dark parking lot. Off in the distance a person was walking towards us. We couldn't tell the age or gender of this individual because a flickering lamp post was making it basically impossible to see much father than 5 feet. Without any other option we walked toward the person, and I kid you not (I literally am not making this up) when this kid walked under the flickering lamp post, the light stopped flickering, and a spotlight shined on this now visibly hispanic 20 something year old. Because people typically were shy to talk to us we accustomed to introducing ourselves first, but before we could get a word out he said "Whats up guys! I'm Jesus!" (pronounced like how you would refer to our savior) We laughed under our breath thinking he was just giving us a hard time, but then he followed up with "Just kidding its Jesus (pronounced the way hispanics say it). Jesus let us bare our testimony to him and committed to read the Book of Mormon. An appointment was scheduled and 2 months later Jesus was baptized a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. 

Last June I got the clearest prompting that the Lord wanted me to rap in order to share the gospel. The concept made zero sense, and felt so weird to me, but I did what I was told, and I released a song and video about what my testimony is founded on, The Restoration.  

I still felt so silly releasing rap videos as Jamesthemormon, especially when countless people told me that it would prevent me from getting any type of real recognition. I've tried 3 different times to change my social media name, but every time I tried I get sick to my stomach like I'm making a huge mistake. 

On April 28th, 2016 a kid from living in Utah who didn't even know what rap was until he was 14, out charted every rapper in the world to rank that day as the #1 Hip hop album in the world. It still blows my mind even typing about it right now speaking about my self in 3rd person.

Why did this happen? - Because anything is possible when you work as hard as you possibly can, and rely on the Lord to guide the rest of the way. 

Today while in church the weight of what is now expected of me moving forward sank in. That along with the incredible amount of overwhelmingly positive requests for my attention have brought me to a point that I didn't think was possible. I considered giving up.

Since I hit number one my email, social media, text, and life have blown up. I pride myself on being able to handle anything, but, I have been so overwhelmed trying get to everything and to do it perfectly, that last week I got probably 8 hours of sleep in 4 days.

Obviously I can't continue on like that, and it is very clear to me that I am not to stop, so in order to move forward Jamesthemormon is now offering internships. We've spoken with UVU and BYU and for those of you who are interested that are also students, you are eligible for school credit. 

I'm looking for people who believe in what I'm trying to do and want to learn the ins and out of building a brand. I want people who are interested in marketing a product or who are passionate about music and film. I'm also searching for people who want to become masters of social media and want to learn how to build and grow a solid network. I will teach you all of those things, but the most important thing I hope to pass on is my work ethic, and a true life long belief that anything is possible. 

If you are interested in applying CLICK HERE