Weekend of Nostalgia PT 3 / by James Curran

Ive been making Music since I was 17 yrs old as a Senior in High school living in

Tashkent, Uzbekistan at TIS (Thats really where I graduated highschool)

Its always been fun, but I never felt like I've written something truly meaningful. I mean I've gotten deep, writing my feelings about heartbreak and love, but Im talking MEANINGFUL. 

10 years later, right when I feel like its time to hang up my coat with rap, THE MIMI KNOWLES invites me to "jump on a track" with him and Bedfort Dort. What came of it was not only meaningful, but magical.


CHECK IT OUT. I recommend turning up the volume.

Almost makes me want to start up James Devine again.

But I wont . . .

Last on the list of this Jam Packed Weekend was a birthday celebration for one of my oldest friends so we headed up to Park City.

Alex loves taking selfies while Im driving.

Have you ever seen the episode of "NEW GIRL" where Shmidt thinks Winston seems more like himself around Black people? ...All Im saying is sometimes I need that. Don't ask me what it is or why, because I don't have an explanation, but a good night out or weekend with a bunch of black people is good for my soul. This trip also included all of their white wives and Alex who is as white as you get. Still I had a blast acting like every "black people be like" ... Vine ever.


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyleLrzJ41...