Weekend of Nostalgia PT 2 / by James Curran

Im just so grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life that are Good.

Whether they are friends or family, or friends that are like my family, Im just so dang Grateful.

This weekend ALOT was going on with a bunch of my loved ones.

Lets start here. 

Congratulations to Brad and Kelly Cahoon!

From random roommates to best buds to bandmates to business partners, Brad and I have done it all together for literally 2 years. Kelly is one lucky girl, and Brad you got a catch; a bombshell and professionally trained chef? #Jealous 

Alex looks extra drop dead gorgeous here to me for some reason? 

We left the Cahoon reception and hurried over to the Washington Everett Mission Reunion!

As I walked in I literally felt like I was back on the mission at a Zone Conference. Every hug, handshake, and smile was like the Spirit hitting me in the face. I got so emotional as the Spirit whispered and witnessed to me the great importance of the Lords Work and His approval with my contribution. I was swimming in memories of the greatest time of my life so far. Im so glad I got to share it with some of the greatest people. Here are some of them....