Masonthemormon / by James Curran

I can't tell you how many times on my mission my companion and I would pull up to a house of someone we had an appointment to teach, say a prayer to have the spirit with us, make sure we had all of our materials, give each other a fist bump, and then walk out of of the car door and step directly into a giant pile of dog crap.

Total Mood killer.

To make matters worse when we would get into the house at least 15 animals, from 6 different species, who had been running around in the rain all day are now running around inside. Of course they spent our whole visit feaning for my attention; via barking, meowing, and hissing? After an hour of struggling to hear my investigators speak we say a closing prayer only to stand up and see that either my suit has become a fur coat or I have morphed into Cousin It from the Adams family.

Yes it was on my mission that I decided that Animals and I were just not meant to be.

"But James you have a dog. You literally post about him EVERYDAY on instagram. And I heard your dog has his own instagram?"

Yes I have a dog. When you are heartbroken you tend to make irrational decisions. But ....