The fault in our stars / by James Curran

Usually if I'm trying to get answers to deep seeded questions, my go-tos are prayer, scripture study, maybe even going to a loved one or a friend.

Normal right? Well, when I went into see "the fault in our stars" this week, I expected a good entertaining movie, but what I didn't expect was for it to edify me or give me solace during one of the hardest times of my life.

I must say I've never read the book, but giving John Green a long, warm, brotherly hug has now been added to my bucket list.

This show was so enlightening that even though 96% of the theatre was women audibly balling it didn't distract me one bit from the self analyzing experience that pursued.

A boy who has battled cancer and lost half of his leg, Augustus, meets and falls in love with a girl, Hazel who is struggling with Cancer barely able to walk up a normal flight of stairs.

I couldn't help but realize that everyone, all of us, although not nessesarily struggling with a terminal disease, are not whole. We each have some problem that usually impacts us mentally or maybe even physically day to day that isn't as obvious as a oxygen tank or a fake leg.

Should that stop us from experiencing one of life's most precious "infinities" True love? No.But why does Love also have the power to bring us the greatest amount of heartbreak? How can something so perfect and beautiful with the capability to lift us up and make us feel unbreakable, have the same ....