My Peak at Polygamy / by James Curran

Im gonna go ahead and speak for the male race for a minute.

For at least one second in every heterosexual man's life, the thought of having multiple wives not only makes sense but sounds awesome. None of us actually give the idea more thought than that because . . . well . . . its illegal; and just would never happen.

I spent the last 3 days with a lot of women.

The Group Skype with Gina's BF

left to right (Paige, Alyssa, Alex, Gina, Lindsi, Hillary, Carly) 

A Giant Bachelorette group of women.

All sorts of women: We had old marrieds, young marrieds, young divorced, recently engaged, recently unengaged, and even recently unengaged that got re-engaged (thats Alex) "wink wink"

The thing I have come to learn about women is that they have many specific needs. And although they might choose to mask them around you in the beginning, eventually those needs will come busting out like an exploding Pompeii Volcano. At that point you have 2 choices. You may either deliver, or choose to run. RUN!!!!! RUN as fast as you can because all HELL is about to break loose. Dating Alex I have come to realize it is much more pleasant to just deliver on those needs. Hence the old marriage slogan "happy wife, happy life"

Well this weekend involved a group of ....