Mistakes and apologies / by James Curran

When I was 19, on halloween night, a bunch of friends and I dressed up like mobsters put on bandanas and drove around town pointing fake guns out of the car window.

I wasn't thinking about anyone else other than myself.

Later on in the night, as I was driving by the BYU-Idaho dorms, a cop with flashing lights pulled out in front of me to a screeching stop; barricading me from moving forward.

10 seconds later, 5 other cop cars had me circled, and about 8 cops had guns pointed at me and my friend screaming at us to "Get out of the car with our hands up"

I'm pretty sure the thought "I'm going to die" crossed my mind, but mostly I was trying not to crap my pants.

Even in this moment I didn't realize what I had done. My thoughts and verbal explanation to the cops painted me to be the victim and that I hadn't done anything wrong. I was only thinking about myself.Eventually I learned that a girl who had previously had a gun pulled on her for real, was a victim of our prank. She was deathly frightened and ....