Miracles and Missions / by James Curran

Everyone says, "I can never forget the day I was baptized." Really? . . . really? I mean I was baptized in a Jacuzzi, in the Lido Hotel, in Beijing, China by THIS GUY!!! and I still cant remember a thing. I mean I guess it was 19 years ago, and I had no idea what I was doing, nonetheless for me Ill never forget the day I opened my mission call. I also had no idea what I was doing, but to me this was much more significant. You will learn, if you choose to continue to follow this blog, that I have an extremely interesting family dynamic. Not one person who was physically with me during this pivotal point in my life was related to me. If I remember correctly there was "my boy Con" as I often call him, my girlfriend of a year and her sister and brother in law. A few babies and children were no doubt running around as this random black kid with a mohawk, and a gross soul patch, opened his call. 

Little did I know, or realize that I would spend the next three years (yeah i said 3 years) trying to finish what a Prophet of God called me to start that day, but regardless....