I'm getting married and I'm crapping my pants / by James Curran

A couple days ago, a good friend and I had a discussion about how the days before a LDS mission are a lot  like the days before getting married.

In 2009 I came home early from my mission to Rostov, Russia to take care of some things from my past. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I did it knowing it was the right choice. As I prepared to go back out the craziest impulsive thoughts went through my head, like taking my girlfriend and running away to Vegas to elope, or moving to Jamaica to become a sheep herder.

As I look back I see how much Satan didn't want me to go back out on my mission. Round two in Everett, WA I had full intention to do EVERYTHING I could to make up the lost time and the mistake I made to go out unworthy. I did everything in my power to talk to, testify, and invite every human being I saw (litterally) to know the TRUTH that has made me whole and for the first time in my life had brought me true happiness. I believe because of my diligence and obedience God allowed me to  become a successful missionary, and had the opportunity to baptize many people. More than anything I was changed and rooted in a belief that has kept me strong even in my weakest post-mission moments.

Where would I be if I had let Satan temp me to elope to Vegas and become a Jamaican Sheep herder? I'm sure I would probably be divorced, full of regret, and upset that I had to protect a bunch of sheep instead of eating them. (Lamb is delicious). More importantly the people I taught may not have had the opportunity to hear the restored gospel, nor receive the subsequent blessings that come with committing yourself to it.

These couple weeks leading up to this Wedding have been ....