Hope to all the Moms of hooligans / by James Curran

"Today Id like to take a minute, just sit right there and tell you ... " Just kidding. (incase you didn't get it) But for real.

Today I just wanna reach out to any Mothers or Fathers out there that may or may not stress out, have anxiety, worry, or wonder if their child is going to shape up. I cant even imagine being in my parents position watching their son pee away his potential for 22 years.

Im sure my parents decided to quit worrying long before this story ever took place. Worrying is exhausting, and lets just say Id taken each one of my three parents around the track more times than they'd like. Im sure their worries had transitioned to a basic hope instead that I would make it to age 25 without a child out of wedlock or a prison sentence.

Bottom line there is hope for you parents, and this story should illustrate that.

I also hope this prelude eliminates any surprises that I was not a squeaky clean, straight arrow youth.

After being kicked of of BYU-Idaho for the second time, (I did end up returning for a third time and graduating fyi) I did what anyone would do in that situation and moved to St. George, UT . . . right!?

Now I might have a jaded view of St. George, but my one sentence thesis derived from two separate 8 month stints, is that St. George is a place where old Mormons go to die and where young Mormons who don't really want to be mormon go to "live".  Basically theres a lot of "chocolate milk" consumption and "sandwich eating" going on down there....