Goonies never say die / by James Curran

Lately I've had a lot of people reach out to me asking me for advice on different subjects such as how to raise their mixed race children and dealing with an abusive past. Also a lot of non-mormons have reached out and I've been able to teach people more about the religion I love and invite them to seek for truth. But what's extremely surprising is that I've been asked to give marriage advice?

When people ask me how I feel about what happened, I usually say I feel like I I got punk'd. Like Ashton Kutcher is going to walk up to me laughing any minute now like "Jamesthemormon. . . . lol . .  . we got you good." Having this traumatic event be the butt of a joke would actually make more sense to me. In all honesty I actually feel like the least qualified person to give advice on a marriage unless someone is going through something similarly hard and is considering giving up. If thats the case then I turn into Dr. Phil.

Here is a letter that I recived this week.

Hey. I'm sure you get crazy people messaging you all the time, but I do read your blog and I noticed recently you have been having some trials in your marriage. I know it's not my business but I was wondering how you are overcoming it or what things you think have happened that made things go south. I have resisted asking this for a long time because I feel like a grade A legit creeper, but my husband and I have been married about the same time as you and we have come into some problems that even after two years of knowing each other I had no idea about.. Mainly that since we got married his anxiety and depression has become so overwhelming that he has sometimes-uncontrollable panic attacks and rage. He even punched a hole in our wall last night. He is an amazing person and partner, but I don't know how to help him with his anxiety and stress because ...