From Tool to Triumph / by James Curran

Lets be clear. I was a tool. A Giant tool. Not the type of tool that knocks doors in the summer and posts pictures of working out and trucks. But the type of tool that was clueless about anything remotely important to life. The type of tool who's top priority was whether or not a poker tournament was going to happen that night, and whether not I had at least 5 girls "on-my-line" texting me back. I am quite literally SMH right now at and about myself.


At least your typical "tool" had money in the bank and something to show for his Tool-dom. I was more or less broke, taking random classes, floating through life without much meaning or direction. The only direction I sought was the directions to the next weekend's dance party. Instead of spending time studying for the classes my family's money was being spent on, I was writing rap verses making random youtube slide shows of myself. ***ONLY CLICK THIS LINK IF YOU WANT TO WASTE 4 MIN OF YOUR LIFE*** And the worst part about it, was that I enjoyed it.

James, why are you saying all these terrible things about yourself? Why? ....