Climb the mountian / by James Curran

"God does not begin by asking us about our ability, but only about our availability, and if we prove our dependability, he will increase our capability" - Neal A. Maxwell

Thank goodness I have a Sister who is so loving and willing to drag me to her singles ward.

The thought of going to mine alone just weirds me out. Its a ward specifically for young newlyweds. Showing up today would be like walking into Prom alone, it just doesn't feel right for you or for anyone there.

Today's theme in church was all about trials. Surprise, surprise . . .  God is trying to talk to me.

One of the speakers in Sacrament meeting illustrated a story about climbing to the top of Provos illustrious Y mountain. 

This guy, after 3 years off, decided to start running again. In order to help him through this transition he reached out to a female friend of his who was an avid runner. He left it up to her to choose where they would run. She chose the "Y". Yes . . . she proposed that they run to the top of this mountain his first run back. In order not to look weak he agreed.

The hour of the run came near, and in a panic he scarfed down a can of baked beans for sustenance. He shared that that was one of the biggest mistakes he could have ever made before a run. As they drove up he broke out into a cold sweat of regret and fear. He really didn't think that he could make it. They got out of the car and began walking up the foot hills to get to the gate and already he was out of breath, sweating, and feeling extremely unprepared for what he had signed himself up for. He looked at his friend and told her he wasn't going to be able to make it up the mountian and that he had to give up. His female friend started laughing, but let him know that ...