1 Year down forever to go / by James Curran

Well Its been a year with this girl. 365 days have passed and we've been together almost each and every one.

Look at her being sassy. She's beautiful and she knows it. ; )

This happened yesterday for our 1 year anniversary

For those of you just Tuning in ............


(Our first date) Sept. 29th, 2012

So this Happened 

(Christmas kiss)

And things cont'd

Group dates at THE CHOCOLATE [[a Provo must]]

Then I gave her this

Then This Happened

Because this is Happening Dec 14th, 2013 :)

Sooooooooo inevitably this will happen

...Is it weird that Im extremely worried about the outcome of my children? 

My whole life I thought I was half black and half white. My Mother is Black and my Father is White. 50% white and 50% black ----> this was my identity.

Then one day my mother who is EXTREMELY into genealogy called me explaining that she had maxed out her genealogy sources and that she was going to be sending me a "kit" where I would be required to spit in a tube. This tube would be sent to some biological DNA center where my ancestry would somehow be able to be broken down. Although I though this was incredibly strange ....

(Most of those comments were references to pictures.) so....