The field is white, ready to harvest, and I'm not a rapper / by James Curran

Earlier this week I was invited to be on a podcast with This Week in Mormons

Although both Al and Geoff were hilarious and gracious enough to invite me to tell my story, the podcast's recording came with a few technical difficulties/sound glitches and I felt like I wasn't able to give you the full story nor give full credit where credit was due for everyone that helped make Restoration. 

Around 4 months ago I woke up with the strongest feeling to start making original music, and to have that original music tell the truths of the restored gospel. My initial reaction was .... um no. "Im not a rapper. That's not me." 

You've probably heard me almost annoyingly repeat .... "I'm not a rapper",  and I can understand any and all confusion, because if you are reading this the chances are also pretty high that you have heard me rap something. Here's how I like to explain it.

My father gets up everyday at 5am and rides the train to downtown Chicago for a couple hours each way reading his scriptures, the Wall Street journal and all things stock and finance. When he gets into his office, he proceeds to stare and click at a computer screen trading whatever it is he's buying or selling that day for like 10 -12 hours!? When he's not doing that he's being a husband or fulfilling his church High Council calling throughout the week and all day on Sunday. Occasionally, for fun and relaxation, he likes to go out into his garden on a Saturday and take care of his garden. 

Is my Father a gardener? Like, is that how you would introduce him? Is that what defines him? Is that who he is? I would argue no. He is so much more than that, that if you were to say "Hey this is Jim Curran the gardener", that would be really really weird and wouldn't make any sense. 

As serious as my father takes gardening, is as serious as I take music....