Nothing feels better than faith / by James Curran

You know that story about the two toads?

One toad is put into a pot of hot water and immediately jumps out. The other one is placed in room temperature H20; the heat slowly turned up until the toad boils to a horrible doom.

You probably noticed I haven't blogged in forever, and honestly its because I felt like a giant hypocrite. I had slowly been cooking into a disgusting soup of apathy.My testimony was never in question, I mean I would argue the truth of the Book of Mormon and tell you Joseph Smith was a prophet until I was blue in the face, but for some reason picking up my scriptures, kneeling down to pray before I went to bed, or showing up for church was like asking me to move a car with my bare hands. It became such a "task" that I didn't even try.

I knew the whole time what I should be doing, always making excuses like... "I'll do it tomorrow" or "I'll just go next week" knowing full well that my soul was trapped under that car and I was the only one who could move it.

The hard part about drifting into this state of mind is you leave a slippery slope of laziness behind you, and its a hard upward battle back to the top. This means you have to be super motivated to not give up and push though a path of habit you created naturally that wants nothing more than to drag you back to the bottom...