Let's talk about sex baby! / by James Curran

One of the most common concerns with the "Mormon Church" are "long list" of  "rules" we are "required" to follow.

If you couldn't tell by the amount of quotations, my previous sentence is rich with sarcasm.

First things first;

1. The Mormon Church is actually just a nickname given to us because we believe in additional Holy Scripture to the Bible namely The Book of Mormon. Our full name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

2. Those rules are really just invitations from our Heavenly Father that if accepted will lead to a happier and higher quality of life.

3.  Not one person is required to do anything in our church. One of the fundamentals of our belief is that from the beginning of our existance we have been given FREE AGENCY and have the ability to choose our own choice and path.

Lets talk about #2 and #3

Every human either is a parent or has parents. Parents when raising their children give them guidelines or rules to follow. With the exception of a few crazies out there, 98% of parents give out these rules for the benefit of the child. No one freaks out when a parent says "Don't touch the stove" or "Come home by midnight". These things make sense to us, but for some reason everyones panties get in a bunch when our Heavenly Father asks us to do a few things. I mean He did create us and give us every single great thing in our lives, I think He's entitled to asking for a little bit of obedience for our own benefit.

What are these so called rules that are so awful?

Here are the main ones that are necessary in order to be worthy to enter one of our temples...