Whats in the bag?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Today was one of those days where you want to curl up in a ball and die.

Where you want to rip off all your clothes,  start screaming, all while kicking large objects around the room with my hind legs like an crazed hyena.

Its not one particular thing thats driving me to this madness, but instead a combination of insanities that are causing me to have high blood pressure.

Also I'm pretty sure I became 50% more bald today, and for about 10 minutes I think I either blacked out or went deaf and blind at the same time. Still not sure.

On top of the the "zoo" of chaos going on at work, I am getting married in 5 weeks and having 2 receptions. I'm taking the GMAT in 3 weeks. And yeah . . . lets just say I'm going through some intense family drama.

I've had better days.

Halfway through my day, I couldn't handle the lunacy anymore, and I decided to take a walk and get a breath of fresh air.

Midway through my walk down University Avenue . . . I got hungry. I looked to my right and I saw Diegos a delicious taco joint in Provo, UT.

As I walked in the first smile I had all day came across my face as I saw the Book of Mormon available for reading sitting on top of Provo's Classifieds aka "Thrifty Nickle".

As I sat waiting for my order, sinking back in to my stressed state of mind, remembering what awaited me back at work, the most touching conversation began. It went something like this.

Diego - "Thats a beautiful ring, are you engaged?"
Girl ordering - "Yes were getting married in January"
Diego - "Oh wow are you getting married in the temple?"
Girl ordering - "Oh . . . No"
Diego  - "Really? Why Not?"
Girl ordering - "Oh . . . that's just not our thing right now."
Diego - "I see . . . well I can tell you getting married in the temple has greatly blessed my life. Whats keeping you from getting married in the temple?"
Girl ordering - "Its just a big lifestyle change"
Diego -"Well do you love him?"
Girl ordering - "Yes. More than anything"
Diego - "Well if you can make some small changes you'll not only be blessed now, but you'll also be able to keep your marriage going forever. Isn't that what you want?"
Girl ordering - "Well ... yes."

I just sat there in awe of what was happening. I asked myself how long it had been since I had a real missionary experience while Diego here was creating one out of thin air. It was apparent to me that Diego wasn't just in the business of turning a profit, but in the business of doing the Lord's work. What a Rockstar. But shouldn't we all be like that? Shouldn't our lives be have an even balance of temporal and spiritual? Isnt  ". . . the greatest and most important duty  . . to preach the Gospel.”

I walked into Diegos with a bad attitude expecting to leave with a bag of tacos. Instead I left with a bag of spiritual inspiration and a new appreciation for the purpose of life.

Whats in your bag?


  1. Great post. And that's coming from a confirmed atheist ;)

    Hope life settles down a little. Take care. G

  2. That's my dad for you!
    I hope the rest of your day went exponentially better!

  3. Just got to remember you are creating the most important unit in the gospel... a family. Satan will be working his hardest right now to tear you apart even if its by stress. Weeks before our wedding was a serious slap stick comedy. I lost my wedding dress material for sleeves. Over half of our invites came back a two weeks before. I got attacked my fire ants. A skunk was living under the barn our reception was at and sprayed it two days before. Brian got poison oak everywhere and I mean everywhere ;) a few days before.. we even hit a deer right after our reception on our way to our honeymoon. I also had family drama.. and my mom wasnt invited until about two weeks before the wedding. Brian and I did the whole wedding all by ourselves without any help. Buy it was the most beautiful wedding and day and so far an even better marriage! Roll with the punches, its all worth it!!

  4. All I can say is keep writing. You lifted me off the floor today. Love you sir James.

  5. I like! Thanks for sharing your link.

  6. Hi James. I love your blog! I would love to feature you on my blog for my series I Am a Mormon Monday.
    If you are interested, please email me at bostonksox@gmail.com

  7. New reader here. Just a normal atheist in Texas. Wanted to say hello and that I've stumbled across your blog. I use to be LDS years ago (in my early 20's) so I have a slight obsession with LDS bloggers. So here I am, one of your newest readers. Good luck to you and your lady!

  8. ah yes, excellent, publicly shame the clearly uncomfortable girl while she's in the middle of innocently ordering a meal from all-knowing Diego. how Christ-like of Diego to point out that she and her fiance are not living their lives in accordance with the way that he believes they should be. Surely Thomas Monson and Co are smiling down on Diego and his crusade to humiliate every young adult into a temple wedding.
    i think you walked out with a steaming bag of hypocrisy, my friend.


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