Wifey Material

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I was asked by a good friend of mine to pretend to be her husband for a day.

She also asked me to give some of my thoughts on what a "Good Husband" really is.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I am friends with some super talented people.

First off, shoutout to NATE BALDWIN and his recording studio Amberdrag Records
If you need any recording done click below to work with the best.

Second off Shout out to Sam Wilder and his amazing filming skills. 

Hit him up if you need anything filmed... perfectly.

And Last but not least shout out to THE MIMI KNOWLES. Coming hard on the track. 

We want to know who you think won the Battle, and we're giving away 2 - $100 gift cards (to restaurants in your area) for sharing the youtube vid and commenting either #teammimi or #teamjames followed by #mimivsjames.

Most likes on FB get a $100 gift card and most retweets on Twitter gets one too!

What the heck was the Amuze Cruze?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Before we get into that. Can we just talk about how impulsive I've been?


The Amuze Cruze.

A Random Weekend in San Francisco. (currently writing this blog post via "The City" by the bay)

Also I think I'm kind of having a mid-life crisis.  Last week I almost lost at 1-on-1 basketball to an eight-yr-old. (Me: 11points, 8-yr-old: 9 points) There was a point in the game where it was tied eight, eight. I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

When I got divorced it was hard for me to spend time with the people who were closest to me; the people who had my back the most. My theory is that I had so many memories spending time with them and my ex, that it was just too painful. It was way easier to branch out and make brand new friends and start a "new life".

If I had to pin point the root of the inspiration of the Amuze Cruze I would say that that is it.

Either way I couldn't be more pleased with the turn out and wouldn't change one thing if I had to do it again . . . well maybe one thing.

I'm the type of person that believes anything is possible if you work / network hard enough.
I had the idea to go on a cruise with 7 random strangers and film the experience not really knowing how it was going to work or turn out, so after a call to my buddy Sam (co-producer and filmer), and getting the ok that he would partner on the project, I put $4000 on my credit card and bought 10 tickets.

30 min later I promoted the idea on my Blog, Facebook, twitter, and Insta and within 2 weeks we had over 350 applicants. Over those 2 weeks we sold the tickets and started planning for our adventure.

The Amuze Cruze had a few detours before we got to our final destination. We thought about making the focus pranking people on the ship for entertainment value, until You Tuber Stuart Edge (2million subscribers) approached us and wanted to be involved. Having his platform to launch off of we jumped at the chance to make something work and developed the show into a "game show" where 2 teams competed against each other pranking random passengers throughout the trip with Stuart as the judge. Long story short working together wasn't a good fit, and Stuart excused himself from the production and with 2 weeks before we set sail, we didn't have a definitive idea of what we were gonna do.

Although I had developed relationships with the cast as we prepared for our trip to Mexico, none of them knew each other when we left Provo on a road trip to Los Angeles to board. Even when we got on the boat we still had plans to prank people and make that the center of our show.

Pranking never happened, but what was even more entertaining was watching randoms (ages 19 -28) through the love triangles, fights, makeups, super awkward situations, be completely open and vulnerable with each other and see a group transform from complete strangers to a family unit. Two members of the cast even started / are currently dating and I get at least 78 text messages a day from our group text. I honestly love each and every one of those people and would do anything for any of them.









(Sam and Dan) Co-producers and Our film guys

I'm super excited to show you what happened and hopefully go on more Amuze Cruze's.

Being spontaneous and impulsive has been therapeutic and I have made so many new friends, but I feel like the true friends that have always loved me unconditionally and the commitments I've made to God, them, and work have been neglected. It hit me pretty hard this weekend. To those true friends you know who you are, and I love you. So much. And to quote Lebron, "I'm coming home."

Freestyle Friday 5 - "0-100"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Freestyle Friday is back

Did you really think we were gonna release it on a Friday?


Teamed up with JUN an old friend and threw down on the 0-100 Drake beat #Fire

Ice bucket challenge - no blood

Monday, August 18, 2014

We tried to make a video with pigs blood.

Turns out people are adverse to animal blood.

This one has less blood.

Lets talk about Sex, baby!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

One of the most common concerns with the "Mormon Church" are "long list" of  "rules" we are "required" to follow.

If you couldn't tell by the amount of quotations, my previous sentence is rich with sarcasm.

First things first;

1. The Mormon Church is actually just a nickname given to us because we believe in additional Holy Scripture to the Bible namely The Book of Mormon. Our full name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

2. Those rules are really just invitations from our Heavenly Father that if accepted will lead to a happier and higher quality of life.

3.  Not one person is required to do anything in our church. One of the fundamentals of our belief is that from the beginning of our existance we have been given FREE AGENCY and have the ability to choose our own choice and path.

Lets talk about #2 and #3

Every human either is a parent or has parents. Parents when raising their children give them guidelines or rules to follow. With the exception of a few crazies out there, 98% of parents give out these rules for the benefit of the child. No one freaks out when a parent says "Don't touch the stove" or "Come home by midnight". These things make sense to us, but for some reason everyones panties get in a bunch when our Heavenly Father asks us to do a few things. I mean He did create us and give us every single great thing in our lives, I think He's entitled to asking for a little bit of obedience for our own benefit.

What are these so called rules that are so awful?

Here are the main ones that are nessesary in order to be worthy to enter one of our temples.

- No sex before marriage
- No Drinking, Smoking, or using Drugs
- Be honest with your fellow man
- Pay a full tithe

Lets talk about sex . . . baby. #SALTANDPEPPER

Pros - Feels good - (Literally the only Pro)

Cons - Sexually Transmitted Diseases (these are gross, uncomfortable, sometimes lifelong, and sometimes can kill you) and . .. Children born out of wedlock. Coming from a single parent home I know first hand how hard it is on a child to grow up without both parents there in a loving envorinment.

God asks us to wait till we are married to have sex because the most ideal environment to raise a child is with a Father and a Mother who are committed to each other for life and will be there when there children have needs. Because He loves all of His children perfectly it would make sense he would want the best for us.

But James . . . you can use contraceptives.

Really? Don't be ignorant. You know that isn't 100% and even if you don't have an STD or a prego baby's mama, you still have to deal with the what if's and and wonder until you or your girl takes a pregnancy test and or/ gets tested for STDs. #notworthit

In my opinion emphasis on Sex or Sexual activity in dating can be super detrimental to a long term relationship or a happy and healthy marriage.

The dating stage of a relationship is meant to do 2 things. 1 determine if this person is compatible enough to be completely committed to, and 2 develop a solid foundation of friendship that can last for your entire life and if so chosen; eternity.

When things become too physical too quickly its human nature to resort back to that intimacy rather than developing a strong friendship and bond through things like memories, experiences, and laughter.

Ever heard the song the wise man build his house upon a rock the foolish man built his house upon the sand?

Well physical intimacy is the sand and a strong friendship is the rock.

In marrige the rains WILL come down and the floods WILL come up. And coming first hand from someone who built his house on sand and then got married; The house on the sand washed away.

God is perfectly omnipotent. He know everything. Literally. More importantly than that, He loves us SOOOOO much. He only wants whats best for us and because of that asks us to live a certain way to prevent as much pain as possible while offering us the most amount of help. Its up to us to listen and to qualify ourselves for all the blessings God is waiting to give us.

 20 There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—
 21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedienceto that law upon which it is predicated.

Freestyle Friday 4 - Freaks N Geeks

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This to-date is my favorite thing I've ever created.

Let me point out that my raps don't curse, use the N-word, or have sexual innuendoes.

I invite anyone in the "rap-game" to try and do that and be this lyrical.

The following is a collaboration between Mimi Knowles, Atheist, and Me.

Prepare for Provo/Utah Hip Hop History. ---- Freaks N Geeks



Mimi Knowles

Recording: Nate Baldwin and Amberdrag records 

Filming and Editing: Sam Wilder and Talewind Studios

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