Life After Divorce : Episode 1 - Lauren and James

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

When I got divorced I set out on a quest to help anyone through the pain that I had felt. 
To everyone who is going through or has been divorced I present to you . . . 
(New episode every week with new people)
Videography by @samuelthemanuel and Photography by @shleeeeeeeeee

(if you are interested in being on the series or know someone who would like to share their story, please contact at ... or if you just want to talk : )

@xoloveloxo (Lauren) and her new husband
check out her blog

 Some idiot named James . . . themormon

Dealers Choice

Sunday, October 26, 2014

THIS IS AWESOME ha! ^^^^^^ also . . . 

Yesterday I went to a wedding. 

This was my friend Lauren's second marriage. I'd never met the guy before, but from the brief chit-chat I had during my visit, he treats her like gold and is LOADED! So . . . Lauren FTW! One for conquering divorce and two, for showing me that there are people out there in the world, that are just right for you. 

In between the times I was coerced to do the "Makarina" and "The cupid shuffle", (okay who am I kidding, I love "The cupid shuffle") I pulled Lauren aside and asked her for some advice one divorcee to another. She told me something that probably sounds like common sense to all of you, but to me really hit home. "Work on your self first, and then move onto a relationship"

The pain a person feels after a serious breakup is probably universally the same, and It's incredibly hard. It consumes you / its an actual physical hurt. For me it was so bad that I chose to replace that consumption with anything, literally anything that would distract me from what I was feeling and experiencing. I made sure I had dates lined up everyday. I started making rap videos, starting new businesses, I flew around the united states for no reason, and of course came up with genius ideas like the Amuze Cruze #sarcasm. All of these things did a great job of distracting me from the issues at hand, but did not make them go away. 

Its like I got a deep and painful cut on my arm and immediately I wrapped it in medical gauze to "take care of it". The gauze got old and bloody so I took more gauze and wrapped it on top of itself. Pretty soon I have so much gauze on my arm its really hard to function normally, and the actual cut has probably gotten worse and infected. Instead, what the cut needed was to be a cut. A little bandaging here and there, but really constant cleaning and air would have helped the cut heal naturally, and ironically faster. It may be the more painful way to heal but in the end its easier moving forward. 

This past week I met with my bishop and he asked me who Christ was to me. I gave him the
typical cliche answers but right now I see Christ as the Neosporin. Neosporin helps soothe the immediate pain along with protect any outside influences from distracting the natural process of healing. Christ has truly felt every ounce of pain we have felt. He is the only living person who has complete empathy for anything we are going through. And has the power to expedite and support the healing of pain at any degree. He truly is our Savior, but we have to choose to incorporate Him into that process. 

I've said it before and I've said it again. The main focus of my blog is to help prevent people from making the same mistakes I have and to hopefully bring people closer to Christ. Whether you relate to my abusive childhood, my rebellious youth, my divorce, or you just liking my raps, in the end I hope you leave here knowing that God loves you and wants nothing more than help you in anyway possible. Sometimes we go through crazy pain so we can learn, but also to appreciate the beauty life has to offer. 

FYI Mason and I are doing great. I'm also going to test his blood because I'm pretty sure he's half deer. (He's getting so big!)

@samuelthemanuel took this picture

@shleeeeeeeeee took this pic

Wifey Material

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I was asked by a good friend of mine to pretend to be her husband for a day.

She also asked me to give some of my thoughts on what a "Good Husband" really is.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I am friends with some super talented people.

First off, shoutout to NATE BALDWIN and his recording studio Amberdrag Records
If you need any recording done click below to work with the best.

Second off Shout out to Sam Wilder and his amazing filming skills. 

Hit him up if you need anything filmed... perfectly.

And Last but not least shout out to THE MIMI KNOWLES. Coming hard on the track. 

We want to know who you think won the Battle, and we're giving away 2 - $100 gift cards (to restaurants in your area) for sharing the youtube vid and commenting either #teammimi or #teamjames followed by #mimivsjames.

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What the heck was the Amuze Cruze?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Before we get into that. Can we just talk about how impulsive I've been?


The Amuze Cruze.

A Random Weekend in San Francisco. (currently writing this blog post via "The City" by the bay)

Also I think I'm kind of having a mid-life crisis.  Last week I almost lost at 1-on-1 basketball to an eight-yr-old. (Me: 11points, 8-yr-old: 9 points) There was a point in the game where it was tied eight, eight. I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

When I got divorced it was hard for me to spend time with the people who were closest to me; the people who had my back the most. My theory is that I had so many memories spending time with them and my ex, that it was just too painful. It was way easier to branch out and make brand new friends and start a "new life".

If I had to pin point the root of the inspiration of the Amuze Cruze I would say that that is it.

Either way I couldn't be more pleased with the turn out and wouldn't change one thing if I had to do it again . . . well maybe one thing.

I'm the type of person that believes anything is possible if you work / network hard enough.
I had the idea to go on a cruise with 7 random strangers and film the experience not really knowing how it was going to work or turn out, so after a call to my buddy Sam (co-producer and filmer), and getting the ok that he would partner on the project, I put $4000 on my credit card and bought 10 tickets.

30 min later I promoted the idea on my Blog, Facebook, twitter, and Insta and within 2 weeks we had over 350 applicants. Over those 2 weeks we sold the tickets and started planning for our adventure.

The Amuze Cruze had a few detours before we got to our final destination. We thought about making the focus pranking people on the ship for entertainment value, until You Tuber Stuart Edge (2million subscribers) approached us and wanted to be involved. Having his platform to launch off of we jumped at the chance to make something work and developed the show into a "game show" where 2 teams competed against each other pranking random passengers throughout the trip with Stuart as the judge. Long story short working together wasn't a good fit, and Stuart excused himself from the production and with 2 weeks before we set sail, we didn't have a definitive idea of what we were gonna do.

Although I had developed relationships with the cast as we prepared for our trip to Mexico, none of them knew each other when we left Provo on a road trip to Los Angeles to board. Even when we got on the boat we still had plans to prank people and make that the center of our show.

Pranking never happened, but what was even more entertaining was watching randoms (ages 19 -28) through the love triangles, fights, makeups, super awkward situations, be completely open and vulnerable with each other and see a group transform from complete strangers to a family unit. Two members of the cast even started / are currently dating and I get at least 78 text messages a day from our group text. I honestly love each and every one of those people and would do anything for any of them.









(Sam and Dan) Co-producers and Our film guys

I'm super excited to show you what happened and hopefully go on more Amuze Cruze's.

Being spontaneous and impulsive has been therapeutic and I have made so many new friends, but I feel like the true friends that have always loved me unconditionally and the commitments I've made to God, them, and work have been neglected. It hit me pretty hard this weekend. To those true friends you know who you are, and I love you. So much. And to quote Lebron, "I'm coming home."

Freestyle Friday 5 - "0-100"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Freestyle Friday is back

Did you really think we were gonna release it on a Friday?


Teamed up with JUN an old friend and threw down on the 0-100 Drake beat #Fire

Ice bucket challenge - no blood

Monday, August 18, 2014

We tried to make a video with pigs blood.

Turns out people are adverse to animal blood.

This one has less blood.

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